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Bobo browses the mountain, his head full of ideas. He sees forest gardens, ski trails, saunas, mushroom cultivation projects, goat pastures, and hammock awnings. He watches the seasons come and go — by his account, there are eleven seasons in Vermont, not four. He scribbles in his notebooks, counts, and measures. There’s a lot of information to take in: how many salamanders are in the pond or the date of the first frost or the spectrum of colors of the maple leaves in October. Bobo is curious about it all.

Grounding the operation on the mountain and trying to keep up with the visionary Bobo, are Tina Hartell and Skye Chalmers. They work to make sure that the sap is boiled and the gardens are tended and the woods roads are cleared. Their eight-year olds twins make sure they stop to catch tadpoles, eat peas off the vine, and throw rocks in the stream.

Tina Hartell and Skye Chalmers
256 Dale Road
Weston, VT 05161
Give us a call at 802-296-1147 or drop us a line at